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Sobha Hartland 

Why choose Sobha Hartland? 

The company of over 45 years has provided countless opportunities for new homeowners and the perfect choice that has accommodated their lifestyle. Whether it be the simplest amenities or the luxurious designs you have always dreamed about, Sobha Realty becomes one with your desires. Sobha Hartland is all about the redefinition for the art of living as well as the driving force on sustainable communities. 

It’s extreme presence on the worldwide market has the dominance of luxury real estate and the conceptualisation of design and development. With that comes the price of expansive living and the ultimate elegance you’re looking for in your new home. Sobha Realty is also expanding its ventures to a new community called Sobha Hartland with eight million square feet being developed as part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City master development. 

The Sobha Group aspires to be the most trusted and respected real estate organisation both for regional residents and global. The dedication of putting homeowners as a priority as well as providing the best of the highest quality for your home is the highest ambition. Our vision and goals are clear and we would like to make your dreams and goals about your future home defined as well. By defining them, we pioneer innovative global projects and transform perceptions of quality and enrich the communities that challenge the existing norms and standards. 

Our other goal is to be on the top of responsible living which we administer by adapting to sustainability and clean living. We take full action with the care of the environment and the fundamental approach to conserve natural resources and prevent environmental pollution. Your future home is taken care of without any worries about the ecosystem and the surrounding landscapes. 

Our developments, unlike other companies, do not rely on compromisation rather efficient and convenient improvements to balance all your needs and the environment. Being customer focused becomes a prominent core for our branding, activity and the quality of our business. Thus, the lifestyle and the excellence of our projects is conducted with no ambiguous manner and the aim to enhance our customer focus is done with superiority and perfection. 

Our notable spaces are considered for all lifestyles and all age groups. It can range from families looking for an efficiently extravagant home with provided amenities and services for the kids. And an individual looking for their ultimate private way of life and the enjoyment of perfectly crafted spaces. Explore the many benefits of living in the heart of Dubai with walking-distance shopping districts and elegant restaurants, as well as the timesaving metro line for your commute to work. 

Families can enjoy the many services provided to suit their everyday needs, adhere, and aid to their custom lifestyle. The children have access to the best international schools and the best of knowledge for education. It becomes the best of the highest culture of life and the many options to choose from, so we understand the compromises everyone has to make. Individuals who like to enrich themselves into a private lifestyle also have the opportunity to experience the-state-of-art luxurious properties. With the convenience of beautifully designed spaces and the amenities provided, it will be easy to make a high class home into one’s own. 

Our foundation is built on excellence and the engineering, development and the esteemed credit of our work can be revealed by our achievements in receiving the IOS International Standard Certificates. We had also received Real Estate Developer of the Year to celebrate the immense success of our property group that has embellished so well within our properties. As the founding CEO, Mr. PNC Menon, he finds that Dubai is a “magnet” that will attract the world’s most enterprising entrepreneurs, innovative companies and global citizens who wish to make this city their home. 

His vision for Sobha Group is to make the future of the city part of the journey and with unprecedented growth and success in the years to come. We aim to become the leaders and innovators in the real estate field and a forward-focus vision of residential and commercial design. Every decision is made with intricate detail, extensive experience and a bold creative perspective. The prestigious designs balances out the elements of the city of gold that situates as a status around the world. We create huge significance based on what the prominence of richness and leisures is about. 

Our design sets the path for perfect execution and meticulous planning. With in-house capabilities in architecture, interior design and landscaping we provide professional and efficient construction within all our estates and communities. Over the past decades we have had consistency with our signature quality which includes the art of craftsmanship and the journey of creating the perfect dominion for your own home. Every detail is looked after with immense inspections before our work is presented to the customers. 

Our obsession towards quality is a bar that is set high among our company and only we have the potential to surpass it. Investing in our estate comes with many benefits and the perfect solution for your home living. We take the time to understand what our customers need and how we can turn a simple home into a luxurious property with the ultimate convenience. We take commitment and priority to build a home without any flaws and deliver only the best of the best. We can assure you that your new home will be the main source of rest and recharge and the curated warm and distinctive quality to help with. Sobha Hartland paves way for the journey into Dubai’s thrilling beauty and the home to amazing cafes, restaurants and high-class boutiques. 

Become indulged with panoramic views available in every single property and the picturesque waterfront district that highlights your early mornings and exciting sunsets. The Sobha Group looks after you and lets you live life to the fullest without even having to leave the building. We are all about the simplest and luxurious living within the exciting and breathtaking adventures situated in Dubai.

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