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An Unparalleled Lifestyle In The
Heart Of Dubai.

This innovative and luxury provides comfort with outstanding accommodation to suit your lifestyle in every detail. With the stunning community of luxurious apartments within the 8 million sq. of land it also provides a view of the deluxe villas and high-end townhouses.

Discover the many prospects of Sobha Hartland Properties with the delicacy of food diners and breathtaking entertainment facilities. Enjoy the destination of a lifetime that’s located in the iconic Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, minutes away from the Burj Khalifa. Create an unforgettable experience with our luxury amenities and be indulged with our exquisite attractions on site.

Sobha Hartland Properties is the essence of central Dubai with an unparalleled lifestyle ahead of you. It is part of the 40-year tradition of creating world class homes. With the backbone ideas and the blueprints of developing sustainable and economic growth, these apartment complexes are destined to be world-class infrastructure. Its focus is now to also be within luxurious property developments and resort-style luxury housing projects.

The team here at Sobha Hartland Properties has endless knowledge due to decades of experience in the real estate value chain and in every aspect of the business. Our residency apartments are created for endless solutions and with collaborative community engagement and professional aid.

New homeowners are presented with the idea of luxury and sophistication that better suit the life and essence of Dubai. At Sobha Hartland our focus is on the perfect life, and we provide the trust and security to bring that into priority. With incredible details in our facilities and the immense lavish greenery spaces, we offer a lot for the purpose of living.


Estates And Hartland Apartments


Our expertise has world-renowned knowledge and is tailored to match your necessities for a better home. We help with the ideas to become reality and give your investments a long-term prospect. Your dream home lies within our many appointed towers and properties that overlook stunning views and spacious rooms to give that ease and comfort presence. With any design of a room to choose from that includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and with over 20 unit plans. Whether it’s long-term or short-term, our services provide the best facilities and safe and secure environments for the residents.

The community of Sobha Hartland embodies impressive green open spaces that fill up the land with intricate details. As well as the many high class international schools and the ideal design suitable for families. Spending quality time with your family is a whole new level of relaxation. Our property also features the Hartland Mall full of boutiques to better suit your needs within close distance and recreational amenities for your essentials.

Our master plan is full of the spirit of the divine living with our mall feature. It provides the one and only convenience and unique experience. One can too discover offices such as the state-of-the-art wellness centres, wellbeing clubs, spas and shopping centres helpfully available.

With the etiquette of utilisation, it makes the living areas more at large, far better than you can imagine with the Hartland apartments. You will get to experience the sense of feeling of being at peace and with sanctuary comes the unity of having a deluxe home. Sobha Hartland’s vision is the epitome of trust and respect for any homeowner from the organisation both regionally and globally.

Our innovative plans help transform a home to a unique design and experience and challenge the norms and standards of enrich communities.

With the best quality that we have to offer, Sobha Hartland’s foundation is built upon perfection and the embodiment of high standards. We also accompany our greatest standard of the environment such as conserving natural resources and deserting any environmental pollution. Within these, comes the eloquence and timeless contribution to the fabric of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City and the blend of stunning landscapes. We have homes to some of the most exclusive properties in Dubai and a promise of any experience of a lifetime to enjoy.

Sobha Hartland is the combination of an exceptional daylight experience and a stunning night life that’s right before you. Become indulged in the private residential niceties or the inviting state-of-the-art finishes. We provide urban living and contemporary spaces to express the opulence of accommodation. There is an option to suit every lifestyle that is for every new homeowner, investor, or an ideal upgrade. It is the luxury that lies at the heart of Sobha Hartland and is seen in its high society features for every home living.

Our exclusive homes are a start to an excellence dynamic which emerges from warmth and inspiration. A convergence of luxury design and the exquisite beauty in which the city will emerge with a greenery environment.

Here at Sobha Hartland it is all about providing the best of the highest standards and the Michelin one-star exclusive diners to help with the best experience. Our main goal is to plan to create the finest residences and then push to the next level higher up. So, it is the ease of living that enriches the very lives of those who inhabit them. The retreat-like moments are only filled with simple pleasure which is in the heart of Dubai. We will welcome you to experience the finished product of a deluxe neighbourhood and accomplished residences. Cafes & Restaurants: Discover the divine choices of dining features to enjoy your own dynamic waterfront view of Dubai.

International schools: The residency holds two prestigious schools that can benefit your child’s future. Hartland’s International School and North London Collegiate School. It comprises the best world-class resources which helps with the expertise and knowledge from faculties to your child’s route to success. Gift your child the advantage to invent, express, excel, achieve, and accomplish. Hartland Mall

The Hartland Mall will become your essentials and services all in one to discover many international brands from around the world. Uncover your ideal fashion, food, and entertainment that’s the destination for shoppers. Community Lifestyle Get the best of the lifestyle highlights from leisure, recreation and wellness that comes before you.